Piano Moving Equipment and Terminology

At Allston Piano we consider piano moving a highly-skilled trade.  The precision required to execute a successful piano is both an art and a science.  With over 60 years in the business of piano moving we utilize only the best equipment to make sure your piano is delivered safe and sound to its new location.  

Here is some of the equipment we use on a daily basis. 

  • Piano Board
    The piano board is used on all piano moves.  We have boards of varying lengths depending on the size/type of piano you have that.  Boards are placed underneath the piano and attached with straps to protect the piano as it is picked up and put down.
  • Power Straps
    Three-inch, heavy-duty nylon straps are used to secure the piano to the piano board.  These give the movers better purchase to lift and carry the piano while also keeping the piano from moving around on the piano board.
  • Moving Blankets (pads)
    Every piano is wrapped and protected by thick moving blankets before being attached to the piano board. These provide necessary protection to the piano and your home as we maneuver it around.
  • Rubber Wheel Dollies
    We use four-wheeled dollies with soft rubber wheels that won’t cause marks on hard wood or other valuable flooring surfaces.
  • Masonite
    Large sheets of Masonite are sometimes used to protect floors or help pianos on a dolly roll more easily over thick carpeting.
  • Lift Gate
    The Allston Piano moving truck has a hydraulic lift gate that is rated up to two tons.  On most moves we will use the lift gate to load your piano in to the truck because it more safe than pushing it up a ramp.
  • Crane
    Allston Piano often works with our parent company Gentle Giant when we need the assistance of a crane to move pianos in and out of hard to reach places.  Sometimes a large piano won’t fit up or down a tight stairway in an older building in which case we will call the crane. Our crane is capable or reaching up to 5 floors high in most circumstances.