How Much Does it Cost to Move a Piano?

At Allston Piano Moving company we like to provide a “flat-rate” price for most of our piano moves. Based on our more than 60 years of experience in the industry, we are able give very accurate quotes based on a just a few pieces of information about your piano move.

Here are the factors we consider when putting together your quote:

  1. What is the size of your piano?
    If you are moving a small upright piano, that is a lot different than a nine-foot concert grand. Before we show up to perform your move we’ll need to know the dimensions of your piano.  If it’s an upright piano we’ll want to know the height from the floor to it’s top.  If it’s a grand piano we’ll want to know it’s length from the end of the keyboard to the end of the tail of the piano
  2. What floor you are on?
    The floor that your piano is moving to and from plays a significant role on the cost of your piano move, particularly if there are stairs.  If there is an elevator that the piano will fit into, that can help bring your quote down.
  3. Outside stairs?
    Not only do pianos need to go up and down stairs inside of your building, but often there are outside stairs leading up to the entrance.  The more stairs there are outside, the higher you can expect your quote to be.
  4. How far is your piano moving?
    Lastly, we factor in the driving distance between locations where your piano is moving. Naturally, the further the distance the higher the cost.

Wondering what your piano move will cost? Just answer a few questions here, and we’ll get you a quote.   Or you can call us anytime Monday through Friday between 8AM – 5PM at (617)-489-4755.