Our Piano Movers

Allston Piano draws on a talented group of individuals to make up our piano moving team. In the tradition of piano moving as craft, we only hire and train professionals who are committed to learning and executing artful piano moves.  As a division of Gentle Giant Moving Company, Allston Piano is able to select from some of the best movers in the world that are highly-trained, not only in technical skills, but in delivering exceptional customer service - guaranteed.


Nate Joy

Nate is not only skilled piano mover, but a skilled musician.  A 2011 graduate of the Berklee School of Music in Boston, Nate enjoys physical pursuits both at work and on the weekends.


nuno Melo

Nuno started as a mover for Gentle Giant where he honed his skills before transferring to Allston Piano. Under the tutelage of former manager Patrick Andrus, Nuno has found a passion for moving pianos and has quickly risen to become a top Crew Chief.